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Build unmatched Web3 user experience by removing usability pain-points with Etherspot’s ERC-4337 infrastructure

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Create Human-First Web3 dApps

Simplify the user experience of your Web3 apps by leveraging ERC-4337 infrastructure. Etherspot shifts Web3’s difficult user journey into a smooth seamless experience.

Web3 Ecosystems Set Free

Get access to supported EVM chains without deploying your dApp smart contracts on each chain separately.

Implement Simply & Quickly

Build or update your apps with robust interoperability, quickly & easily. Firmly root account abstraction at the core of your dapp with just a few lines of code.

Infrastructure Services

SDK that  improves your dApp’s UX by removing usability pain-points for a frictionless Web3

A React library for fast and simple Web3 development. No deep blockchain dev knowledge required

A Modular Typescript Bundler for Account Abstraction


Multi-chain APIs

A set of APIs to receive multi-chain real-time data about crypto assets, wallets and transactions

Arka Paymaster Service
(Coming soon)

The only open-source Paymaster service for sponsored & gasless transactions

A React component that provides plug-and-play integration with the Etherspot SDK. Only two lines of code required

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How to integrate the Etherspot SDK

To get the integration of Etherspot SDK,
head to the docs and read all about it or contact us for more info.

How to integrate BUIDLer

BUIDLer is a React component that provides plug-and-play integration with the Etherspot SDK, allowing dApps and developers to easily leverage the SDK in a highly customisable fashion. Only two lines of code required.

Quick start with TransactionKit

TransactionKit is our React library for fast and simple Web3 development. Now you can inject the full power of Etherspot into any React app even without deep blockchain development knowledge!

“This is super cool. It’s like one of those really sophisticated pieces [of software] and essentially what it does for us is to go cross chain without having to go cross chain.”

Core team KlimaDAO

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