Join the Etherspot Private A Waitlist here

Join the Etherspot Private A Waitlist here

The only SDK you need to Go Multichain

A managed, Smart Wallet platform that allows you to leverage the best features of the Ethereum Multiverse quickly with minimal effort and cost.
Makes Ethereum application development painless

Etherspot is an all-in-one, EVM-compatible platform that accelerates ideas and their execution. Get real-time notifications and have your application bootstrapped in a matter of hours instead of months.

We take the hassle out of Ethereum development and allow you to focus on the most important thing – your product.

Smart Contract Management
Intelligent and transparent

As part of every Etherspot account created by your application, we deploy a suite of Smart Contracts. They are owned by your application accounts and ensure that assets remain on-chain and secured by the built-in benefits of the Ethereum network.

Etherspot empowers your application to handle the deployment of your Smart Contracts in two ways:

Etherspot deploys your application’s Smart Contracts on the 1st transaction, transparently.
An application can choose to deploy their Smart Contracts whenever it is the right time to do so.
Etherspot deploys your application’s Smart Contracts on the 1st transaction, transparently.
An application can choose to deploy their Smart Contracts whenever it is the right time to do so.
Multichain Access
The best of the Ethereum Multiverse from one place

Etherspot gives developers and their applications the ability to use one or all the chains simultaneously with the same address for greater flexibility and speed.

Take advantage of the unique traits of each chain, surfacing their benefits and resulting in a competitive advantage over other Ethereum based products.

Etherspot currently supports:

Ethereum Mainnet
Gnosis Chain
Binance Smart Chain
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The Etherspot platform is built to
work with any EVM-compatible network.
Want to see another sidechain supported?
Payment Hubs & Bridges
Maximum flexibility
in asset management

Payment Hubs, which are off-chain and can only be controlled by the Etherspot account owner, allow to create and hold asset pools of unlimited amounts.

When an application is ready, the Payment Hub can be instructed to transfer or settle the desired amount to another Payment Hub or a different Etherspot account belonging to the application.

The top features of Etherspot
Payment Hubs include:
Locking unlimited asset amounts into Payment Hubs
Payment Hub -> Payment Hub transfer
Any ERC20 / ERC721 / ERC1155 standard tokens accepted
Withdraw to other Payment Hubs
Withdraw and settle on-chain
Create as many Payment Hubs as your application requires
Off-chain, P2P Transactions
Directly and at no cost

Out of the box, P2P transactions are off-chain and use an internal ledger, meaning there’s no cost involved to transfer assets. Each account contains two asset channels for your application; a standard asset address and a dedicated P2P asset address.

The P2P asset address allows applications to separate assets that are to be made available for transfer internally between the application’s Etherspot accounts. Each of these addresses can support any ERC20 / ERC721 / ERC1155 asset, or any derivative native to that given chain (for example, BEP20 and BEP721 on Binance Smart Chain).

Transaction Batching
Bundle transfers as one single transaction

Make your application more efficient and bundle together transactions that would previously require several actions from the application or user.

With Etherspot’s transaction batching feature your users enjoy a better experience and lower costs.

Prototype & Develop Quickly
Built with the ever-changing blockchain world in mind

Our engineers on the Etherspot team understand that the industry moves at unprecedented speeds. That’s why we offer developers and technical teams a comprehensive, supportive and consistent toolchain to allow technical teams to test-drive and prototype their ideas quickly and easily.

View Documentation
An ever-improving guide to using Etherspot and maximising how applications can benefit from the features offered by the platform.
Try the Playground
Ready-to-go, disposable playground which allows technical teams to prototype their ideas immediately and access every Etherspot SDK method available.
Check the Block Explorer
Use our Etherspot POA Network to test your application, top-up accounts with our built-in ETH faucet and inspect transactions on our Block Explorer.
Powered by Etherspot
Pillar. A multichain DeFi
app, available on iOS and
Android, built on Etherspot.
Fully Managed & Supported
…by experts that believe in the Ethereum vision

Etherspot is a hosted and supported service by Pillar Project Worldwide Ltd and is also governed by Pillar DAO. A dedicated team of engineers and support staff ensures that the Etherspot platform is monitored and maintained around the clock, with many automated services and tooling performing regular checks to ensure the platform’s optimal performance.

Want to suggest a custom functionality, use case and using an EVM-based chain that isn’t listed supported yet?