Arka Paymaster Service for Account Abstraction

Open-source Paymaster Service for gasless & sponsored transactions

Why are Paymasters important?

In Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4337 Paymasters are smart accounts that allow sponsored transactions, enabling projects to cover the transaction costs of their users.  Usually, users are required to have native blockchain tokens to pay for gas and perform transactions.

With the advent of Paymasters, the situation has changed, users can pay for gas with other ERC20 tokens. Paymasters enable further Web3 adoption through innovative fiat-based gas sponsorships thus making it easy for Web2 services to take advantage of non-custodial ownership of assets offered by Web3.

Why choose Arka

Provide your dapp users with sponsored transactions

Allow your dapp users to pay gas fees with stablecoins (gasless transactions)

Arka is an open-source Paymaster service

Easily fund a paymaster via Arka’s dapp
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Interact with different paymasters from the Arka dapp
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