Skandha ERC4337 Account Abstraction Bundler

Developer-friendly Typescript Bundler to enhance transaction management, optimize gas costs and improve the overall efficiency of blockchain interactions.

What the bundler does

The bundler service collects multiple UserOperations (transactions) and combines them into a single transaction, resulting in lower gas costs.

Why choose Skandha

Skandha can be used by any ERC4337 compliant wallet

Reduces gas costs by bundling multiple transactions

Enables the removal of UX frictions in your Web3 service by implementing ERC4337

Top rated Account Abstraction service on GitHub

Doesn’t depend on centralized relayers. Provides full decentralization

Enables transaction ordering and priority management

How to run it

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Run with one-liner
From a Source code and via a Docker image