TransactionKit - Smart Account React Library For Fast & Simple Web3 Development

Now you don’t need to have deep blockchain knowledge and Web3 development experience to write code that performs transactions on Ethereum and a wide range of Ethereum compatible blockchains.

Inject the full power of
Etherspot into any React app

Transaction batching

Simplify the experience of signing multiple transactions into a one-click action for your users. Compose multiple transactions into one.

Compatibility of your dApp with various chains

Onboard users to your dApp from 20+ blockchains. Allow users to move easy between chains without adding support for each blockchain separately.

Ability to cover transaction fees with stablecoins

Allow your dApp users to cover transaction fees with various stablecoins on any supported chain.

Why Etherspot’s

  • Low barrier to entry into the world of Web3 development
  • Universally understandable naming
  • TransactionKit gives frontend developers full creative control on how their components look
  • Allows Web2 developers to transition seamlessly to Web3 development
  • Helpful code and error messages

TransactionKit means, you no longer need deep blockchain experience to create a highly capable Web3 app

Try It Now

Code example

                                    const { estimate, send } = useEtherspotUI();
                                    // later on
                                        <EtherspotTransaction to={bobAddress} value={'0.01'} />
                                        <EtherspotTransaction to={christieAddress} value={'0.01'} />

TransactionKit pioneers simply say:

"It’s magic"