Etherspot & Swing: Providing Cross-Chain Liquidity to Web3 Developers

Etherspot & Swing: Providing Cross-Chain Liquidity to Web3 Developers

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August 31, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that Etherspot has integrated Swing's liquidity solution!

It allows developers to offer integrated token swaps that draw upon the full spectrum of onchain liquidity. Swing is a cross-chain SDK that helps Web3 teams & developers onboard liquidity from 24+ EVM. The platform aggregates liquidity from 10+ cross-chain bridges, 30+ DEXes, and popular aggregators like 1inch & ParaSwap.

Etherspot aims to make Web3 accessible to ordinary web users, allowing blockchain to realize its full potential. The integration of Swing into Etherspot supports this goal by making it easier for developers to offer on-demand cross-chain swaps without compromising the user experience due to low liquidity or inefficient pricing. Ordinarily, building a dapp that can access liquidity from multiple sources is a time- and cost-intensive exercise, mandating extensive node deployment, synchronization, and maintenance, coupled with the coding required to query asset prices on different crypto networks.

Swing removes all of these problems, allowing developers to tap into a cutting-edge cross-chain liquidity solution with just a couple lines of code. As a result, developers are free to focus on building the core features of their application without wasting time on navigating a complex and technically challenging cross-chain landscape.

For developers building dapps using the Etherspot SDK, a range of new possibilities are open following the integration of Swing. A token swapping-service can be easily integrated into any app, for example, to enable non-custodial trades between crypto assets and stablecoins. This includes the ability to swap token A on one network for token B on another. Since Swing’s smart contracts determine the most efficient path, users can be confident that they are obtaining the best possible rate.

Like Swing, Etherspot is dedicated to driving down the barriers to greater Web3 adoption by reducing the technical obstacles to launching user-friendly dapps. The integration of Etherspot and Swing is an essential step towards achieving this goal. Through making life easier for developers, we’ll play our part in making life easier for end users who can enjoy all of the upside that Web3 has to offer.

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