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Pricing only includes access to APIs for Skandha Bundler & Arka Paymaster and not the Prime SDK. Prime SDK is an open source and free to use Etherspot offering.

  • Per Month
  • Per year (save 10%)






Basic account abstraction tools to initiate your integration journey

  • API credits included monthly: Up to 17,500 UserOperations



Charged monthly


$540 annually

Unleash a broader range of account abstraction tools, offering enhanced features for your development needs

  • API credits included monthly: Up to 350,000 UserOperations
  • $5 per additional ~15,000 UserOps



Charged monthly


$3,240 annually

Extensive array of resources for decentralised application development with account abstraction

  • API credits included monthly: Up to 12.5 million UserOperations
  • $5 per additional ~15,000 UserOps


Get in touch with us to explore your account abstraction needs and we'll develop a quote to match your individual demands