Everything About Account Abstraction: Base Leads in AA Wallet Deployment, VC Funds Flow into Chain Abstraction Startups, Ethereum Ecosystem TPS Soars, Etherspot Enters Web3 Gaming with Ancient8 Collaboration

Everything About Account Abstraction: Base Leads in AA Wallet Deployment, VC Funds Flow into Chain Abstraction Startups, Ethereum Ecosystem TPS Soars, Etherspot Enters Web3 Gaming with Ancient8 Collaboration

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June 26, 2024

We are welcoming you to our weekly digest! Here we discuss the latest trends and advancements in account abstraction.

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Base Leads in Account Abstraction Wallet Deployment

Base, Coinbase’s tokenless blockchain, has surged to the forefront in deploying account abstraction wallets, particularly utilizing the ERC-4337 standard. This rise in smart wallet activity is linked to its strategic initiatives and user engagement campaigns, such as onchain summer, positioning it as a prominent blockchain for these innovations.

Despite not leading in the total number of ERC-4337 wallets, Base has become the most utilized platform for these wallets, thanks to its low transaction fees and effective user acquisition strategies.

This activity aligns with a broader trend towards smart wallets that enhance user interactions by simplifying access and boosting security, mirroring traditional internet account functionalities.

The increase in smart wallet use on Base, beginning notably in May, underscores its role within the Ethereum ecosystem, attracting substantial transactions and user engagement. This adoption of the ERC-4337 upgrade signifies a move towards more secure and user-friendly blockchain interactions.

Etherspot Partners with Ancient8 to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

Etherspot has partnered with Ancient8 to enhance the Web3 gaming experience on the Ancient8 chain by integrating Account Abstraction technology. This collaboration aims to simplify blockchain interactions for developers, enabling them to focus on creating immersive gaming experiences without the complexities of blockchain operations.

Ancient8, built on the Optimism Stack and enhanced with Celestia, focuses on scalability and user-friendly applications for Web3 gaming.

The partnership will provide developers with advanced tools such as Etherspot’s Prime SDK, Skandha Bundler and Arka Paymaster to streamline game interactions. Features include simplified blockchain operations, Web2-like onboarding using social media accounts, transaction batching, gasless transactions, and seamless cross-chain interactions.

Etherspot has introduced TransactionKit (TxKit), a robust smart account React library aimed at enhancing Web3 development, which is also available for developers on Ancient8. Utilizing Etherspot’s Account Abstraction infrastructure, TxKit simplifies complex development processes into straightforward React Components and Hooks, ensuring seamless integration into any React-based decentralized application (dApp). This innovative tool is designed to cater to both seasoned blockchain developers and newcomers to the field.

The collaboration between Etherspot and Ancient8 represents a significant advancement in making Web3 gaming more accessible and enjoyable, paving the way for broader blockchain adoption in gaming.

Chain Abstraction Startups Capturing VC Interest

Chain abstraction is emerging as a vital trend in the blockchain space, drawing significant interest from venture capital firms.

Recently, InvArch successfully closed a $1.75 million seed round to develop a blockchain-agnostic interoperability hub. Shortly after, Stripchain raised $10 million to enhance its omnichain execution layer, facilitating applications that operate across multiple chains. Router Protocol also recently completed a strategic funding round to advance its decentralized bridging solution, Router Chain, which aims to simplify the integration of disparate blockchain ecosystems.

These companies are developing solutions that promise to make user interactions with decentralized applications (dApps) as straightforward as those on traditional web platforms.

This new wave of startups is focused on creating platforms that inherently support multi-chain functionality, differing from traditional interoperability solutions that primarily focus on transferring data and value between chains.

These chain abstraction initiatives are seen as a response to the ongoing fragmentation within the blockchain environment, offering more integrated and decentralized approaches to connect different networks.

Ethereum Scaling Ecosystem’s Combined TPS Hits New All-time High

The Ethereum network has achieved a new all-time high in its combined transactions per second (TPS), largely driven by a surge in activity on Xai, a layer-3 scaling solution focused on gaming.

Recent data from L2beat indicates that the Ethereum scaling networks, encompassing both layer-2 and layer-3 solutions, reached a combined rate of 246.18 TPS on June 16, translating to approximately 21.2 million transactions over the course of the day.

Xai, powered by Offchain Labs — the team behind the well-known Arbitrum One blockchain — accounted for over 41% of these transactions.

Despite this impressive transaction throughput performance, the TVL in these newer layers like Xai and Proof of Play Apex remains modest, at $1.38 million and $695,000, respectively. In contrast, more established solutions like Arbitrum One and Base hold substantially higher TVLs of $18 billion and $7.6 billion.

It’s important to note that while TPS is a commonly used measure, it may not fully capture the economic significance of blockchain transactions.

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