The Etherspot Dashboard v1.0 Launch Is Here

The Etherspot Dashboard v1.0 Launch Is Here

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October 4, 2022

Get ready for the latest offering from Etherspot. We’re further addressing the fragmentation and painful user experience of web3 by establishing a control hub for all your DeFi strategies; cross-chain interoperability; and account management. Presenting the all-in-one Web3 Etherspot Dashboard.

Etherspot Launches Dashboard & BUIDLer For A Superior

Multi-Chain DeFi Experience in Web3

With the rise of Web3 and multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains, user experience (UX) is constantly being improved to offer seamless onboarding for your average crypto enthusiast. Etherspot Dashboard was created with this firmly at the root of our development while focusing on advancing network interoperability.

Etherspot Dashboard

Why Etherspot Dashboard is important for the space.

This is important because it removes the complexity from blockchain interoperability and web3 interactions to a point where anyone is welcome and able to participate with the assurance that their funds are secure in a non-custodial fashion and the process is frictionless for newcomers.

It’s the first time that a tool of its kind offers such advanced interoperability functionality all bundled into one, free to use, control centre, bringing multiple EVM networks together in an efficient and yet simple to operate manner.

Users can seamlessly interact with assets and protocols on any of the 13 supported blockchains without having to switch networks. These users will have the ability and convenience of transacting from a single user interface, covering multiple networks and types of assets.

The first iteration of the Etherspot Dashboard has the following features:

  • One ‘intergalactic’ smart wallet station to manage your DeFi portfolio – Send, receive, swap or stream payments cross-chain. More exciting features coming in the next iteration.
  • Free to Use Dynamic Dashboard Besides from transaction network fees, the tool is open to all users at no cost.
  • Secured by Smart Contracts Security is top of everybody’s mind when it comes to wallets, tokens and NFTs. With Etherspot Dashboard, you can rely on smart contracts to secure your investments. More on this below.
  • Cross-chain Aggregation Bypass interacting with separate bridges for each network. Etherspot Dashboard, through its integration of Li.Fi and Socket Network, lets you send funds cross-chain as easy as 1,2,3. And there is no need for native gas tokens on the destination chain. You choose the gas token or stable coins you’d like to pay with.
Cross-Chain Swap
  • Cross-chain swapping simplified – Perform cross-chain swaps in one bundled transaction without:
    • The need to interact with external bridges or 
    • Switch RPC networks. Etherspot Dashboard takes care of it all.
  • Cross-chain payment streaming Users can set up payment streams powered by the integration of SuperFluid and Connext that can flow cross-chain from any to any token. These streams can handle subscriptions, salaries, rewards and any composable outflux of value, with continuous settlement and per-second netting for extreme capital efficiency.
  • Etherspot shapeshifts key-based wallets to smart wallets allowing greatly increased flexibility – Connect your key-based wallet (eg: MetaMask) to Etherspot Dashboard and Etherspot automatically creates a counter factual, non-custodial and secure smart contract wallet on every chain for you controlled by your key-based wallet. This new smart wallet then has access to all of the dynamic Etherspot SDK features. 
  • Network InteroperabilityEtherspot dashboard allows users to track their assets across all chains in one place, smoothly and simply moving between at will.
  • Supported BlockchainsCurrently the Dashboard supports:
    • Ethereum,
    • Polygon,
    • Gnosis-Chain,
    • BNB,
    • Arbitrum One,
    • Arbitrum Nova,
    • Optimism,
    • Avalanche,
    • Aurora,
    • Fuse,
    • Fantom,
    • Celo and
    • Moonbeam
    • with more being added regularly.
Cross-Chain Streaming

Smart Contract Security

Security is naturally one of the top concerns. 

Smart Wallets on Etherspot Dashboard benefit from being secured by immutable smart contracts written by the immensely talented Etherspot dev team. These are open for review on Github. Additionally, these contracts have been audited by one of the most trusted auditors in the blockchain space – Consensys Diligence

As mentioned before, the Dashboard smart wallets give users access to all Etherspot’s powerful features, and they’re fully controlled by the user’s connected key-based wallet (e.g. MetaMask). The smart wallet address is based on the blockchain and we can only monitor it for balance updates and do not have controlling access of any kind. We’re proud to say that Etherspot is a fully decentralized web3 solution.

BUIDLer React Component

Etherspot confidently boasts that we offer something for everyone. Whether you’re an average blockchain user, web3 dev, or any sized project, we’ve got you covered.

Along with the Etherspot Dashboard, we’ve also released something for our Web3 brethren which simplifies implementing Etherspot SDK features. The BUIDLer Component

This React component enables any dApp to go cross-chain in one click! It’s a component which grants devs the ability to compose complex user actions, utilizing Etherspot’s array of features, batch them into one interaction and quickly integrate it without changing the user flow of their dApps.

By simply integrating the BUIDLer component into a dApp, projects can present advanced user actions in one click. Users no longer need to have extensive knowledge to interact meaningfully with Web3 services. Just implement BUIDLer and your UX simplification upgrade is done and dusted! 

Additionally, The BUIDLer component accepts any Web3 provider, but what makes it really powerful for dApp builders is the fact that it also allows shared sessions. This means, when users sign into a dApp incorporating the BUIDLer, it uses that session instead of requiring the user to connect again in order to use it.

In fact, Etherspot Dashboard is the first dApp to showcase the remarkable BUIDLer Component. The component is responsible for all the swapping capabilities and it allows multi transactions to be composed on the Dashboard, meaning you can execute multiple transactions from 1 interface (cross-chain, single chain swaps and sending).

That’s it for now until the next iteration of the Etherspot Dashboard is released very soon. If you want to consolidate your portfolio and take advantage of the latest smart interoperability toolkit, do yourself a favour and check out our all-in-one Web3 Etherspot Dashboard. It’ll change how you interact with blockchain technology.

Multi-transactions In BUIDLer Component

Check Out The Etherspot Dashboard & BUIDLer Demo Video

We invite you to watch the live stream recording of our dev call on our YouTube channel where we showcase version 1.0 of the Dashboard and BUIDLer. Tune in and activate your blockchain beast mode!

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