Empowering Flare with ERC4337 compliance and Account Abstraction


  • Limited capability for secure and efficient Account Abstraction within the Flare ecosystem
  • No ability for developers to use Account Abstraction tools to improve the user experience of their Flare-based dApps
  • Limitations in achieving secure decentralized access to high-integrity data from other chains in a seamless manner


  • Flare is equipped with a highly secure ERC-4337 compliant Account Abstraction infrastructure that is also open-source and modular


  • Accessing cross-chain liquidity
  • Acquiring and engaging users from other EVM chains
  • High transaction drop-off rates due to unintuitive user experience
  • Complex Gas-related user experience 

The need to work closely with service providers who can address the above challenges effectively, reliably and at scale is the need of the hour.


Leveraging the power of open-source Account Abstraction infrastructure alongside the modularity and decentralisation that the EIP-4337 enables within the ecosystem, Etherspot works with Flare to empower builders to grow their audiences and create seamless user experiences for their projects.

Etherspot partners with Flare to maintain the infrastructure which plays a critical role in the growth of the ecosystem and adoption consequently. This helps Flare bring in cross-chain liquidity into their projects, engage with users from other chains and more importantly ease the process in which end-users interact with dapps on the chain itself.

“Etherspot is a renowned Account Abstraction SDK provider and recently received a grant from Ethereum Foundation for advancing EIP4337. We are happy to collaborate with them to bring Account Abstraction to Flare, making it easier for builders to onboard new users into their dApps and the wider ecosystem”

Uttam Singh,
Dev Rel at Flare

Whether you're building a dApp, operating an EVM-compatible rollup, or an L1/L2 chain, Etherspot is the Account Abstraction partner that will level up your growth!