Etherspot brings Account Abstraction to Fuse Network


  • Increased transaction drop-off rates
  • Complex gas fee management
  • Higher costs for acquiring users from other chains


  • Easy implementation of Account Abstraction within dApps
  • Straightforward gas fee management & reduced gas fees
  • The transaction throughput across the entire network has been increased

About the project

Fuse is an EVM-compatible blockchain providing a scalable, fast, and cost-effective infrastructure for Web3 applications. Catering to businesses and consumers, it ensures high transaction volumes, security, and decentralization


The key challenge that Fuse wants to address is to simplify the implementation of account abstraction for the entire ecosystem which includes:

  • Increase adoption of Account Abstraction by projects
  • Make it easier to implement Account Abstraction features within dApps
  • Increase the transaction through put across the entire network


Partnering with Etherspot, Fuse decides to pick up the entire account abstraction infrastructure (end to end, including bundlers, paymasters, wallets, and more) as a single holistic offering and offer the services natively to all projects; meaning that all of Etherspot’s infrastructure is made available as a white-labeled solution. Etherspot’s bundler service - Skandha has been adopted as their default bundler and the Arka Paymaster service shall be their default paymaster running on the network. 

This showcases the power of a unified, modular, open-source technology stack packaged as a white-labeled solution for blockchains that can more effectively work with dApps in their ecosystem and have them adopt account abstraction within their projects.

The Etherspot and Fuse Partnership is a testament to the power of change that large-scale adoption of open-source technology has for the Web3 ecosystem.

Dapps within the ecosystem have already begun implementing AA through integrations of the Prime SDK such as Bitaza, Freedom, Vault Wallet, etc. Account abstraction features that have been enabled are as follows:

  • Transaction batching
  • Gasless transactions
  • Sponsored transactions
  • Cross-chain swapping and bridging Cross-chain on-ramping and off-ramping
  • Cross-chain asset management including tokens and NFTs

Etherspot infrastructure operates as follows:

  • A user generates UserOps in dApps through the Prime SDK
  • Etherspot’s Arka Paymaster service sponsors their transactions
  • Etherspot’s Skandha Bundler collects and submits the UserOps to the blockchain
  • Etherspot also runs its own node on the network to validate and approve the transactions

Whether you're building a dApp, operating an EVM-compatible rollup, or an L1/L2 chain, Etherspot is the Account Abstraction partner that will level up your growth!