Access cross-chain liquidity on Honeyswap with Etherspot


  • Users on HoneySwap were limited to access liquidity only on Gnosis Chain


  • Users can seamlessly add cross-chain liquidity to a HoneySwap pool on Gnosis Chain from any supported EVM chain
  • This integration breaks down the barriers of interoperability, offering a more versatile and expansive DeFi experience for HoneySwap users

About Honeyswap

Honeyswap is a decentralized exchange built on the Gnosis Chain, this enables users to experience fast and secure transactions with incredibly low fees.


Previously, users of HoneySwap were restricted to accessing liquidity only on Gnosis Chain, which hindered their ability to tap into liquidity from other EVM chains. This lack of interoperability posed a significant challenge for the platform and its users.


The integration between Etherspot and HoneySwap allowed users to access cross-chain liquidity from any supported EVM chain, effectively breaking down the barriers of interoperability. Users can seamlessly add liquidity to HoneySwap's pool on Gnosis Chain. Importantly, users can do this without the need to leave the HoneySwap platform or undergo the difficult process of swapping their tokens for tokens on Gnosis Chain. This provides users with a streamlined experience for managing their assets and participating in the HoneySwap liquidity pool across different EVM chains.

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