Streamlining KlimaDAO Onboarding with Etherspot


  • Users needed both funds on Polygon and sufficient gas, creating entry barriers
  • Users had to interact with up to 9 different dApps or components
  • The complex onboarding process hindered user adoption and engagement in the KlimaDAO staking


  • Streamlined onboarding: The process became user-friendly and efficient
  • KlimaDAO can engage users on any EVM chain without liquidity provisioning on each one
  • All actions accessible through a single interface

About KlimaDAO

KlimaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and DeFi protocol that aims to drive climate action via a carbon-backed, algorithmic currency – the KLIMA token.


KlimaDAO, a protocol native to the Polygon blockchain (an Ethereum sidechain), offers users the opportunity to buy the KLIMA token and participate in the green revolution. However, previously the onboarding process for KlimaDAO users had some challenges:

The Complexity of Onboarding: To engage with the KlimaDAO staking protocol, users needed to have funds on the Polygon network along with the necessary gas. Unfortunately, the onboarding process was intricate and time-consuming. For instance, a user was holding funds on Gnosis Chain and faced a confusing journey to stake on KlimaDAO’s platform on Polygon. This process involves visiting multiple decentralized applications (dApps) and completing up to 9 interactions.

In essence, KlimaDAO's onboarding process on the Polygon blockchain presented a significant barrier to entry for users, with multiple steps and interactions. Simplifying this process was crucial to enhancing user adoption and engagement in the KlimaDAO ecosystem.


With Etherespot’s SDK, powered by LI.FI’s cross-chain any-2-any swap functionality has transformed the previous 9-step process into just 4 steps. These simplified steps are now conveniently accessible through a unified user interface, enabling users to use wETH on Gnosis Chain for staking into Klima. Incredibly, the entire procedure now takes only about 3 minutes. The consolidation of actions into a single interface removes complexities for users, vastly enhancing the onboarding experience on KlimaDAO.

Check out how it works👇

“You can take any EVM chain and stake Klima from it. It’s mind-blowing. I went from Ethereum all the way to stake Klima. It’s super cool. It’s one of those sophisticated pieces. This allows us to go cross-chain without having to go cross-chain. It allows us to remain on Polygon and people come to us for things. So anything EVM based can interact with this.”

Co-founder of KlimaDAO

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