Revolutionizing NFT Transactions: Gasless NFT Minting


  • Requirement to hold native chain tokens to transfer or mint NFTs


  • There is no gas cost for Ninfa users to transfer and mint NFTs

About Ninfa is a curated digital art and collectibles Marketplace and aggregator. It is a single solution to acquire curated NFTs related to all genres of art and collectibles, grouping all technological and commercial features needed by creators in a single platform, and providing an easy and fun collecting experience to collectors.


High transaction fees and the necessity of holding native chain tokens significantly hindered the user experience for minting, purchasing, and transferring NFTs, potentially discouraging both creators and collectors from engaging with NFT platforms. These barriers, such as the unpredictability of fees and the requirement to possess specific tokens like ETH, created obstacles for newcomers and limited market accessibility.


By incorporating Arka Paymaster into its infrastructure, can revolutionize the user experience by offering gasless transactions for its users. This integration eliminates the necessity for users to pay gas fees during the minting and transferring of NFTs. With Arka Paymaster, enhances accessibility and affordability, providing a seamless process for creators and collectors within the NFT marketplace. The elimination of gas fees ensures a more cost-effective and frictionless environment, significantly improving the overall usability and attractiveness of the platform for both seasoned users and newcomers alike.

“Etherspot made integrating MPC wallet providers a seamless process. This allowed our users to create and manage AA wallets using social logins, so that they can now engage with our marketplace without the hassle of setting up conventional crypto wallets. TransactioKit not only removed the complexity of Account Abstraction for our development team but also allowed us to execute the entire implementation within a matter of days”

the team

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