Advancing Scroll ZkEVM Chain through Account Abstraction Empowerment


  • Lack of a developer infrastructure for Account Abstraction that is crucial for enhancing transaction efficiency, overall dApp user experience, and reducing gas costs


  • Established an independent on-chain & off-chain stack that will enhance the developer infrastructure ecosystem for Account Abstraction
  • Cost-effective transaction processing
  • Optimized access to liquidity from multiple EVM chains and acquire/save these users while maintaining a high level of security

About Scroll

Scroll is a security-focused scaling solution for Ethereum, using innovations in scaling design and zero-knowledge proofs to build a new layer on Ethereum.


Before the integration with Etherspot, there were hurdles ensuring liquidity interoperability across diverse chains. Engaging a broad audience spanning multiple chains posed difficulties due to siloed blockchain ecosystems, leading to high transaction abandonment rates. DApp users faced issues related to challenging user experience, complex gas fees management and blockchain interactions. Simplifying these intricacies while maintaining security was crucial. Etherspot's commitment to tackling these obstacles became pivotal in enabling a more streamlined and user-friendly environment for the Scroll zkEVM.


Etherspot's involvement introduces vital components like the Account Abstraction Prime SDK, Skandha Bundler and Arka Paymaster. This empowers Scroll to process transactions cost-effectively, access liquidity across EVM chains, and ensure high security for decentralized applications.

Furthermore, the integration significantly reduces network transaction costs, enabling a user-friendly experience and streamlining processes within the Scroll ecosystem. The cooperation further enhances functionality for developers and users of the Scroll ecosystem.

Whether you're building a dApp, operating an EVM-compatible rollup, or an L1/L2 chain, Etherspot is the Account Abstraction partner that will level up your growth!